Lifestyle of a Trader

Oct 06, 2017

That looks OK I suppose...

You might have seen our recent article, Price Action Trader Arrives in Bangkok Thailand where we see why Navin chooses to live, work and trade Forex in Bangkok, Thailand. 

So where does he go to relax?

Living the Life of a Trader

When the average person needs to relax they'll turn off their phone, they might read a book, go to the cinema or even spend some time at a spa.

For Navin, the only way is to leave the country. 

Navin is constantly surrounded by information. Whether its trading information, business information or educational information, he's practically working 24 hours a day. I wouldn't be surprised if he's working in the Maldives right now.... in fact I'd be surprised if he wasn't.

But why work so much?

Simple, it makes him happy. He's always thinking of others; his team, his contractors and you, his trading students. The fact that he can take multiple trips to stunning destinations like the Maldives to do this is just the added bonus of being a trader.

Of course he will fit in some time for swimming, mediation and some massages while he's there :)

If by any chance, any of you guys are in Maldives and would like to meet Navin, you can email [email protected] to see if you can setup a time.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go for some relaxation?

Let us know in the comments below :)

With Pip Love,



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