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Meet Navin Prithyani

Navin is the founder and CEO of Urban Forex, a leader in teaching how to trade the market using Price Action, in an easy and entertaining way. With more than 100.000 students following his Webinars worldwide, Navin, with his unique way of teaching, found how to explain trading so anybody can become a professional trader.

In 2016, he created the Mastering Price Action Course. This course helped thousands of students reaching their trading goals. This year, Navin rebuilt this entire course and made the Mastering Price Action 2.0. This new program is even more powerful, easy to consume.

Navin's education is not all about trading, he understands the power of the brain, and how you can use it to perform in your trading and your life.

Today, Navin's goal is to help as many students as possible becoming profitable in trading, and he's excited to share his life-changing program with you. Thanks for being here!

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Perfect For Beginners

The Mastering Price Action 2.0 is an 8-week video program that teaches you how to enter an exit trades in a simple and efficient way.

$149 USD

Perfect To Launch Your Trading Career

Get ready for a 1-year journey! This bundle includes all of Navin's programs. You will start your training with reviewing the basics of trading, and Navin will walk you through more advanced topics as the lessons unfold.

$2,450 USD

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What Makes Urban Forex Different

Entertaining Programs

Navin Prithyani is known to show you the correct way to trade in an entertaining manner. We can promise you one thing: you will never be bored during your journey, and each new video will be like watching a new Netflix TV show!


Because We Care 

At Urban Forex we made it a mission to help as many students as possible achieving their trading goals. 
Our support team will be around to check on you during your training, and see how you're progressing, day after day.

Psychology Plays A Part

Trading is not only about technical analysis.
Navin understood how the market and human emotions are linked, and he is using this knowledge in his coaching. He will show you how to use this knowledge to you are a step ahead of many traders.

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