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I designed the Mastering Price Action 2.0 to give you a clear understanding of the Market.
Each lesson is short, simple, easy to apply and also entertaining!

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I designed this program in an unique way. In each chapter, I will give you a new tool that you can apply directly on your charts. I will be your mentor in your trading journey.

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When coaching became my duty


Many students ask me how I made it as a trader, which education finally made me profitable. Well, the answer is simple: I never found the proper one.

I was struggling for years, making some money, and losing all of it the next day. It was getting hard for me to keep faith in my potential and in trading. I was wondering "Is it even possible to be profitable? Can someone like me make a career in trading?" like many traders, I was about to give up.

And then, by pure coincidence, in a bar in China, I met a friend of a friend who then changed my life. This person was trading for a living. After many talks and weeks of asking and begging him to give me the magic formula, he finally opened up, and we spent months training. 

After this intense training I finally realized: There is no magic formula.

But there are some powerful tools that you can apply to get a good understanding of the charts, and these will make you profitable - extremely profitable!

It's at this point that I told myself "There might be many traders out there who, like me, are struggling because they do not have this information".

It's at that time that I decided to create Urban Forex. An educational platform which delivers high-quality information and support, so none of my students feel like they are alone.

The Mastering Price Action 2.0 regroups all the basics tools that you need to become profitable. It's now your turn to become a profitable trader -let me be your mentor in this journey.

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What's Included in the Mastering Price Action 2.0

There are 7 Chapters

Each stage will add a new tool to your strategy. Every week you will see your reading of the charts improving!

Chapter 1 - Getting Started

7 Video Lessons

In this first chapter, I will teach you how you should be looking at the market as a whole. What is your place as a trader in the forex/stock market. This will determine the way you should trade.

Chapter 2 - Fundamentals

3 Video Lessons

Lear how to interpret the news. Which ones should you take into consideration and why. This information will give you an idea of the volatility of the market.

Chapter 3 - Buyers and Sellers

4 Video Lessons

Most traders do not know it, but they often overlook the market they are in (buyer or seller market). This simple error will make you hit your stop loss really fast. I will show you step-by-step how to identify who's in control of the market, the Urban Forex way!

Chapter 4 - Pair Selection

4 Video Lessons

Choosing which pair to trade will finally become easy. How many time did you select a pair that didn't perform while its sister pair would have hit your take profit? There is a science behind selecting the best trading pair, and I will let you know everything in this chapter!

Chapter 5 - Identify the Players

3 Video Lessons

In this Chapter, we will be talking about timeframes. How to use multiple timeframes, which timeframe should you focus on, and why. A precious tool that most traders ignore!

Chapter 6 - Gauging Momentum

4 Video Lessons

Learn about my favourite tool to gauge the momentum of your trade, the "Rubberband Man". It's a simple way to see how the market performs and what is the correct action to take depending on the chart's momentum.

Chapter 7 - Money Spot Illusion💰

3 Video Lessons

My favourite topic! This Money Spot is where most traders lose their money. And when you know how to spot it, your trading performances will skyrocket. 

Chapter 8 - Putting It Together

3 Video Lessons

It's time to review all the tools you've learnt in 7 weeks, put the knowledge together, and make a serious plan to enter and exit your trades. You won't believe who much you've progressed in such a short time!

Bonus 🎁 Invitation to 1 Private MPA 2.0 Webinar

Around the end of your program, I will personally invite you to a Private Webinar that I hold with only a few students. It will be the occasion to ask me questions you may have about the program and get more training! 

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