Price Action Trader Arrives in Bangkok Thailand

announcements Oct 04, 2017

I can see why Navin likes Bangkok, Thailand. Who wouldn't? 

Royal treatment....

Why Do Forex Traders live in Thailand?

I've asked Navin this question several times. He can choose to live anywhere in the world, so why does he choose Bangkok, Thailand to live and perform his trading from. 

I began to understand his logic...

  • Fantastic Weather 
  • High Speed Internet 
  • Access to Luxury
  • Amazing Food
  • Massages

If the reasons mentioned above weren't enough, he also mentioned the Time Zone as being an important element. Living in Bangkok allows Navin to keep the mornings for the corporate side of things in running Urban Forex.  As for trading, London eventually opens for business at 2:30PM - which gives him plenty of time to prepare for the sessions ahead.

This got me wondering...

Traders in Bangkok

I wanted to ask you guys, are there many traders living in Bangkok? Are there local trading groups or trading meetups specific to price action trading in Thailand

Finally, if you do not live in Thailand, how many of you would like to live in Thailand to trade full time?

With Pip Love,


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