Year to Date Recap and What's to Come

Jul 25, 2018

Since the last month, Urban Forex has reached some very important milestones.

The Urban Forex Facebook page has just reached 10,000 followers.


The Urban Forex Youtube channel has got over 65,000 subscribers while the videos have been viewed over 5 million times.


We needed to upgrade our webinar platform to accommodate the huge demand as our Live Webinars have been gathering attendances of over 1,000 students.


You may have also read recently that we have reached 500+ 5 star reviews.

This is all a reflection of the incredibly hard work that Navin continues to put in, along with the whole team beside him, that makes it possible to deliver the best content and support out there. One key factor in our success, and we never forget this, comes from our beloved students that make our Community so spectacular. A very Big Thank you for every single one of you :)

But where did this endeavour start...

Urban Forex Origins

Urban Forex was brought to life by Navin in 2009 with the desire to help traders look at trading in a whole different way and not let anyone of his students experience the hardships he had to go through to reach this point.

This was deeply connected with Navin's own trading career. Back then he didn't have anyone to help him. He enrolled in numerous courses, had a few different mentors, searched for indicators and automated trading systems, before he started to trade consistently, and for this, he had to invest a crazy amount of time and money just to get here.

Teaching is a passion for us all, starting with Navin and his constant pursuit to give you the best AHA moments out there, and ending in the Urban Forex team that works non-stop to give you the best support possible. And we all do it, not because it's necessary, but because we are proud to do it. We focus not only on providing a learning experience in trading but the full experience of being a trader and being surrounded by the best community.

No one expected this growth, and even though we think we know the reasons for this, we would like to hear this from you, our student. Please take a moment and share, what makes Urban Forex special in your eyes. 

Urban Forex Gatherings

You cannot start any gathering without people, motivated and well-balanced people, either mentally or physically. This balancing was the crucial moment every day of our Koh Samui Urban Forex Gathering.

As any trader knows having everyone thinking the same thing and pointing in the same direction is just Utopia, and in exercise, it was no different... each had his own mind about where to go :)

And nothing like a clear and fresh mind to start a lonnnggg session of hardcore training.

 The Classes were Super Hardcore and the focus was out of this World... most of the times. 

 The groups were eager for more and they were relying on their team leader for more and more information. 

Classes were so good that everyone was losing track of time... Impressive how traders can endure such long training sessions without losing their fire within.

 And they didn't stop the pursuit there, they were going on all night long... :) 

Of course, the pauses existed, but from the looks of it, the subject was trading all over again.

All in all, every single person I know, just really loved the Koh Samui Urban Forex and would repeat this all over again.  Rest assured that this is being planned again as I write this article and we are looking forward to shooting an ultra-wide picture for this family group photo next time :)


Urban Forex Future...

We still have the best yet to come and we want to keep this vision going forward... we won't stop giving you more and better services to cultivate learning, friendship and a sense of a real community with a growth mindset :)

Let's keep this path well defined and never give up!

With Pip Love,
Sérgio Carmo
Urban Forex Team


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