Mastering Market Correlation

Oct 03, 2016

Learn the techniques on how to use market correlation. This will give you a hidden edge over your fellow traders in the market. This is critical for those who are looking for a strong understanding of market direction.

Understanding Market Correlation

When the price of two or more different pairs moves together we are talking about market correlation. Note that in forex the price of different pairs can move up on both, but that it can also be reversed. This means that when one moves up, the other consistently moves down. We talk about market correlation in both cases.

Correlations are dynamic, they will always change over time. They can actually vary very much over different time periods. And even the correlation on for instance the 4h chart may vary a lot from the correlation on the 15min or weekly chart.

Market Correlation doesn't Matter If Your Technical Analysis Is Not Up To Par

Market Correlation doesn't move the forex markets. A confluence of other factors move the market - most notably central bank policy. So if you see correlation among a few pairs or a whole currency group, you have a great tool to determine the direction. With this in mind you can use your technical analysis skills to assess which pair is the best to trade in that direction. However, if you lack the technical analysis skills, then knowing market direction is not very useful at all. For instance, you can be aware of the direction, but if you don't read the market well enough to determine the timing and stops of your trade, there's a good chance you will get stopped out. And getting stopped out and later seeing the trade move in the direction you predicted is a major painful thing to see for any trader.

Short Video Tutorial

So as always with trading tools, make sure your read of the story is good and before that; get your basics cemented. 

Watch the video at the top for the full lesson so you can continue to enhance your skills and be better everyday.
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