Finding Your Trading Time

Oct 01, 2016

It’s the problem we all face at trading: how to manage your trading time. You’re so overwhelmed with market movements and news events that you always wonder if you’re really taking the best trades and to the best of your abilities. And often, you’re not.

Let's see if there's an answer to how to make sure you’re getting ahead in your trading career while being less stressed and enjoying your trading and the lifestyle that should come with it, more.

Trading Time

The most valuable thing we have in life is time. It's always running out and it's definite. It adds pressure to your trading and that will influence your trading performance - especially in a lower time frame. Your trading time is two things. Let's have a look at them.

Go out and have a life

Do you ever realize why you got into trading in the first place? Some may say it's to make more money, because it is the biggest industry in the world, right? I however, think time is also a major factor. Doing your analysis before a trade and than take the trade and make some money, from the comfort of your home or a coffee shop. Being able to spend more time with the family. Those things probably make you happier than making a pile of money.

The technical side of trading can also help you spend time away from trading. Since, looking at your charts the entire day will make you want to trade and get into things you would not trade normally, it's often a good idea to just walk away when your setup is not ready yet. Use alerts if you don't want to miss a trade.

Technical trading is for a higher time frame

As mentioned in the video, only a few people make it in scalping. So why not move away from that small time frame and start trading a higher time frame? You can use wider stops, have wider targets. This allows you to spend more time analysing a setup and also way more time managing it. There will never be an urgency to take action in seconds and every decision can be thoroughly thought through.
This will also make the trading less emotional, because you know it will take some time for a trade to work out.

Final words

Managing your trading time well, will take some time to master. It's easy to change time frames and linger off and do things you don't want to do. As with all things trading and trading psychology, you need to educate yourself on this subject.

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