Meet Navin Prithyani


"Trading is an incredibly valuable skill that you have to build.
I made it my mission to share my knowledge in the most simple and efficient way, so anybody can become a profitable trader"

When coaching became my duty


Many students ask me how I made it as a trader or which education finally made me profitable. Well, the answer is simple: I never found the proper one education or one tool.

I was struggling for years, making some money, and losing all of it the next day, and more often than not, losing more than I had made. It was getting hard for me to keep faith in my potential and in trading. I was wondering "Is it even possible to be profitable in trading? Can someone like me make a career in trading? Are there even profitable traders? Where can I find someone to point me in the right direction?"

And just as many beginning traders, I was about to give up.

And then, by pure coincidence, in a bar in China, I met a friend of a friend who then changed my life. This person was trading for a living. This was the person that could actually point me in the right direction. After many talks and weeks of asking and begging him to give me the magic formula, he finally opened up, and we spent months and months training. My trading and my trading performance were changed forever. No longer was I just guessing. I had a system now.

After this intense training I finally realized: There is no magic formula.

Instead there are some powerful tools that I can apply to get a good understanding of the charts, and these enable profitability - extreme profitability!

It's at this point that I told myself "There might be many traders out there who, like me, are struggling because they do not have this information and this skillset".

This is what made me decide to create Urban Forex. An educational platform where I share my knowledge and skills with people such as me. People who are eager and with great ambition, just not sure where to begin.

When I first started trading and learning about trading, I felt lost, and I had this impression that nobody was able to help me. It was quite a lonely feeling. So from the early days of Urban Forex I've also made it my mission to make sure that my team supports all of the students like no other platform does. So that none of my students feel like they are alone and as clueless as I was feeling.

My programs are designed to help you become profitable in the shortest time possible. Over the years I've been able to understand better how people learn and how I can convey my knowledge and skills in the most efficient and effective way.

The Mastering Price Action 2.0 regroups all the basics tools that you need to become profitable. It's now your turn to become a profitable trader -let me be your mentor in this journey.

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