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Option 1: Join the Mastering Price Action 2.0 Program and learn how to enter quick and easy trades with Navin's "Cheese Trade" Strategy. 

Option 2: You're serious about your trading career and want to learn all the secrets of trading and price action? Enrol in the Urban Forex Bundle, where you will access all of Navin's training programs. As a Bonus, you will have a 1-month free trial to the Elite Community.

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This is where your education starts!

This 8-week program has been designed to give you the basics tools to start your trading career.

At the end of this journey, you will have a clear understanding of what type of trade to select, when to enter, and when to exit.

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$2,754 USD
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The full program if you're looking to make your career in Trading 

This Bundle contains all of Urban Forex Programs:

- Mastering Price Action 2.0
- Mastering Price Action 1.0
- Core Basics 
- Iconic Trader Program
- Mastering Technical Analysis
- 1-month Free Trial to the Elite Community

This is THE MOST COMPLETE program in the industry 💪


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