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The Urban Forex Bundle is a collection of all my most popular Programs.
You will learn step-by-step how to develop your trading skills on any charts. 

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Every week, you will access a new chapter with training videos. Once unlocked, the videos are yours forever.

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I designed this program in an unique way. In each chapter, I will give you a new tool that you can apply on your charts. The lessons are short and to the point, no time wasted!

I will be your mentor in your trading journey. 

A Journey Designed To Perfection

This program contains 10 Modules that will be released to you in a very specific order. 

Every step of this program has been arranged so you receive the right amount of education at the perfect time.

LIVE, Pre-Market Analysis Sessions 

At the end of the programs you will have access to conference rooms for 6 months. My traders host these twice, every business day.

Watch them select their pairs and apply the knowledge you've learnt.

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When coaching became my duty


Many students ask me how I made it as a trader, which education finally made me profitable. Well, the answer is simple: I never found the proper one.

I was struggling for years, making some money, and losing all of it the next day. It was getting hard for me to keep faith in my potential and in trading. I was wondering "Is it even possible to be profitable? Can someone like me make a career in trading?" like many traders, I was about to give up.

And then, by pure coincidence, in a bar in China, I met a friend of a friend who then changed my life. This person was trading for a living. After many talks and weeks of asking and begging him to give me the magic formula, he finally opened up, and we spent months training. 

After this intense training I finally realized: There is no magic formula.

But there are some powerful tools that you can apply to get a good understanding of the charts, and these will make you profitable - extremely profitable!

It's at this point that I told myself "There might be many traders out there who, like me, are struggling because they do not have this information".

It's at that time that I decided to create Urban Forex. An educational platform which delivers high-quality information and support, so none of my students feel like they are alone.

The Urban Forex Bundle is a collection of all my most popular programs. Together we will go from some basics to some really advanced topics!

It's now your turn to become a profitable trader - let me be your mentor in this journey.

Navin Prithyani

What my Students are saying 

Make a Living from your Trading

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What's Included in the 
Urban Forex Bundle

There are 10 Modules

Each stage will add a new tool to your strategy. Every week you will see your reading of the charts improving!

Module 1
Mastering Price Action 2.0

8- Week Program, Starts releasing upon purchase.

The Urban Forex starts with my Best-Seller, the Mastering Price Action 2.0.

In this program, you will learn how to read the charts without indicators and understand where the safest areas to enter and exit a trade are.

This is the foundation of trading, it all starts here, and mastering these principles will be life changing for your trading.

⭐️ Bonus: Access Daily Examples for each Chapter unlocked

 VALUE: $149

Module 2
Mastering Price Action 1.0

7-Week Program, Starts releasing upon purchase.

I decided to retire this program after releasing its new version, but after many demands, the MPA 1.0 is back!

It's an amazing add-on to the MPA 2.0. In there, you will learn in detail how to see who's in the control of the market, what is a V-Formation, how to deal with probes, and much more.

  VALUE: $249

Module 3
Core Basics

4-Week Program, Starts releasing upon purchase.

A small and intense program to give you more examples on the topics from the Mastering Price Action 1.0. You will learn how to read candlesticks correctly and understand which universe your trade belongs to.

 VALUE: $99

Module 4
The Iconic Gateway

6-Week Program, Starts releasing after 7 weeks

This Module will be focused on Technical Analysis. How to use correlation for entering your trade, and the concept of multiple time frames to get the perfect timing.

This Module is part of the Iconic Trader Program.

 VALUE: $2,440

Module 5
Motivation and Daily Routines

6-Week Program, Starts releasing after 7 weeks

I put all my knowledge and energy in this motivation audio program. I will teach you how to start your day so you stay motivated and focus on your goal. 

This may be one of the most powerful module I've created. As most traders focus on gaining more and more knowledge, they often underestimate the power of their brain and how it impacts their trading. 

After this 6-week program, you will know how you should handle a losing trade, and why you should celebrate each successful trade. 

Get ready to see some changes in your trading, but also in your everyday personal life 💪

This Module is part of the Iconic Trader Program.


Module 6
Mastering Volumes in Trading

7-Week Program, Starts releasing after 13 weeks

This is my favorite Module!

The only indicator you will see on my chart is volumes. It may not seem like it, but Volume is actually a very important indicator to make sure you are on the right side of the market.

In this Module, we will learn how to apply volumes to our read. At this point, it is essential to have a clear understanding of Price Action. Volume is a blessing when studied properly, but it can become the opposite if your foundations are not strong. 

This Module is part of the Iconic Trader Program.


Module 7
Mastering Money Management💰

7-Week Program, Starts releasing after 20 weeks

You may be the best trader out-there, but if you do not know how to do money management, all your gains will go back to the market. 
Money Management in trading is a science, and you need to know how to protect your capital, and that is what I will show you inside this program. 

This Module is part of the Iconic Trader Program.


Module 8
What Type Of Trader Are You

5-Week Program, Starts releasing after 27 weeks

Depending on your personality, you should be trading a different type of trade. In this Module, I will describe the different type of traders, and explain in details which kind of trades set up you should be looking at depending on your personality.

This Module is part of the Iconic Trader Program.


Module 9
Mastering Technical Analysis

14-Week Program, Starts releasing after 27 weeks

Also known as the 4 Course Bundle, this Module contains four main topics: Correlation, Support and Resistance, Timing and Road Map. 

After completing this module, you will have a clear advantage in the market as you will know exactly how to use correlation to select your pair and have a perfect entry and exit. 

I put all of my energy to create this section of the program. There is no doubt that if you apply what I teach in these lessons your profit will grow drastically.

This powerful Module will conclude your learning process. 

⭐️ Bonus: Unlock 3 Trade Management Videos

 VALUE: $997

Module 10
Daily Conferences

6-Month Program, Access starts 6 month after your joined date

This has never been done in any online program:

Every business day, you will access 2 LIVE Conference Rooms with my senior traders. They will show you what trades they are looking for in the market using all the knowledge you've learnt in the Urban Forex Bundle. 

This is a HUGE advantage for you to make sure you are looking at the correct trade setups with my senior traders. 

This Module is part of the Iconic Trader Program.


Bonus 1 🎁
Invitation to 1 Private MPA 2.0 Webinar

During your training, I will personally invite you to a Private Webinar that I hold with only a few students. It will be the occasion to ask me questions you may have about the program and get more training! 


Bonus 2 🎁 
1-month free access to my Elite Community

About 4 months into your training, I will invite you to join my Elite Community for 1 month. This will be absolutely free, and  you will access:

- My own Trades posts and analysis
- Urban Forex Team Members posts analysis on their own trades
- Elite Members posts and analysis
- Elite Members Post Analysis videos
- Daily Conference Rooms for London and New York sessions (business days only)
- Weekly High Time Frame Conference Room



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