A Fast and Easy way to Calculate your shares


When it comes to position size calculation for stocks, Position Pal is the fastest App in the industry!

Our goal is to make Position Size calculation as fast and easy for you, so you can focus on what's important: your trading.

Calculating your position size is essential to protect your trading account and make sure you reach your trading goal. 

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Using Position Pal

1️⃣ Enter your Data

Set your Account Balance, add your Risk in USD or %.

Let the app save your data for your next calculation - don't waste your time!

2️⃣ Select your Stock

Find your stock or Index on our user-friendly search, and get your Live quote. 
You can choose to edit the price if needed.

3️⃣ Enter your Stop Loss

Quickly enter where your Stop Loss is based on the stock price, and click on "Calculate".


4️⃣ Get your Share Size

Based on your input, Position Pal will calculate the Share Size you can enter for the desired risk.


Many more features

Unlock Dark Mode

Unlock a beautiful dark mode. You can easily switch between dark and light mode. 
(Available with Premium Plan)

Share Your Trades

The Screenshot mode allows you to share your trades ideas with others. Control what information you want to show, and share on your social media.
(Available with Premium Plan)

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