Mastering Price Action 1.0

Mastering Price Action 1.0 — A proven, profitable strategy to trade forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies

One of the most powerful courses on the internet. Covering price action techniques in a very unique way from the industry's award-winning mentor. Get 7 weeks of pure jaw-dropping information never shared before.

  • I've made this 7 weeks program to show you all the important details of price action.
  • I've compressed 12 years of mastering price action into this program.
  • Based on all the feedback I got over the last few months I've tailor made this program (for you to master price action in no time)
  • No matter which time frame you trade, mastering price action will apply to it.
  • You won't believe how many "Ah-Ha" moments I've put into this program. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Buyers—how to understand the flow of the market from a buyer’s perspective
  • Sellers—how to identify if sellers are still in the market
  • Gauging Momentum—monitor the flow of the market like a pulse to spot reversals
  • Market Conditions and States—how to adjust to various market conditions
  • Ranges—learn about ranges and how to benefit from them
  • Channels—how to leverage “tilted ranges” to boost your profits
  • Trends—how to find out if what you’re seeing is really a trend—and what to do about it
  • Money Spot—find the “hidden battle” between buyers and sellers. Plus, how to understand the “illusion” and how you can take advantage of it
  • Timeframes—learn how to add multiple timeframes to your arsenal (ignore this at your peril)
  • V-formations—how to identify (and profit from) the signs of a larger player’s return to the market
  • Probes, Fake Outs and Spikes—discover why these happen and how to profit from them

Plus, you’ll also get five special, members-only webinars (over 5 hours of high-value video content):

  • Breaches, Territories and V Formations
  • Territories, Gauging Momentum and a Checklist to Trade
  • Ranges, Gauging Momentum, Timeframes, Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Understand the Big Boys and Support & Resistance
  • ** A full trade explained by Navin Prithyani **

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